US Nationals 2019 Wrap-up with Shawn Boucké from SpeedCubeReview – TCCP#84

TCCP#84-2Finally, the CubingUSA Nationals 2019 wrap-up episode!  Shawn is back on the podcast to talk about his experience, share fun stories, and discuss the world records that happened! Other topics covered are 3×3 Finals, Subway, and even electric scooters!


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Nats 2017, Sub-6 Average, and Worlds – TCCP#13

I just started learning Square-1 a week ago and I am improving quickly.  This is a great website for learning Sq-1 algorithms.

There were a ton of records broken in the past 2 weeks.   Feliks Zemdegs got the 3×3 WR Average – 5.97, 5×5 WR Single and Average – 41.24 / 47.88, and the 7×7 WR mean last week.  Sebastian Weyer got the 4×4 WR Average – 23.03.  Then Kevin Hays got the 6×6 WR mean – 1:34.

Here is the post on the SS forums about who is going to get the first Sub-1:30 6×6 mean.

The CubingUSA Nationals 2017 are this weekend.

The World Rubik’s Cube Championship will be held from July 13-16.


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