Podcast Consulting and Editing

Podcast Services:

You can schedule a free 15 minute session if you want to learn more about my editing or consulting services.


  • If you are completely new to podcasting and looking to launch a podcast, I will guide you through the process of launching a professional and successful podcast.
  • I can help you improve and grow your podcast guiding you through audio production, interviews, promotion, and more.

I consult clients on Skype with 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.  Contact me for pricing.


You record the podcast episode and then I will edit and produce the audio.  Editing the podcast includes, taking out um’s, adding intro/transition music, and removing any silences or unnecessary content.  Producing the audio means processing the edited podcast through Auphonic which will level out the audio and remove any background humming.

I charge $6 per 5 minute mark on raw audio.  Productions take a maximum of 48 hours to process.