Kian Mansour Interview_Roux and One-Handed – TCCP#79

This week I talk with Kian Mansour about why he learned the Roux, how he got so fast at One-Handed, and how he keeps up motivation to practice. Other topics include Kian’s mains, top OH resources, and competitions stories.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

WCA Profile – Kian Mansour

Kian Mansour – YouTube

Kian Mansour – Website

Instagram – Kian Mansour

Facebook – Kian Mansour

Kian’s OH Tutorial

Kavin’s Roux OH LSE Turning Video

Antoine’s OH Turning Tutorial

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:25 – Kian Introduction

6:40 – How Roux Works

9:45 – OH Discussion

19:00 – OH Tips

27:45 – Sponsorship By SCS

35:15 – Show Wrap-up


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