Learning Full OLL and PLL, and Are Flagship Cubes Worth It?_CuberChats – TCCP#78

Jack from JCB ShortFilms joins me this CuberChats episode to discuss when to learn Full OLL and PLL.  Then later in the episode we talk about whether it is worth paying premium prices for flagship cubes like the Gan 356 X or Valk Power M.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

JCB ShortFilms

TCCP Episode #32


Felik’s Zemdegs Algs

Chris Olson Algs

Be a Guest Page

Buy Clock Magnets

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:35 – CuberChats Intro

2:25 – When to learn Full OLL and PLL?

15:20 – Are flagship cubes worth it?

35:50 – Wrap-up

38:00 – Bloopers


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