Stanley Chapel Interview_4x4 & 5×5 Blindfolded World Record Holder – TCCP#77

The WR Holder in Big BLD joins me to discuss his recent 4×4 and 5×5 BLD records. He tells us the story of the World Record, how he got so fast, how he was introduced to the Rubik’s cube, and how he got sponsored by The Cubicle.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

WCA Profile – Stanley Chapel

4×4 BLD WR Video

5×5 BLD WR Video

Stanley Chapel Team Cubicle

Stanley Chapel – YouTube

J Perm 4×4 BLD Tutorial

Clock Magnets/Magnetic Clocks

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:50 – Stanley Introduction

3:55 – 4x4BLD WR Story

27:50 – How BigBLD Works

35:45 – Practice

40:05 – Limits for BigBLD

44:40 – How Stanley got Sponsored

50:25 – Show Wrap-up


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