Sebastiano Tronto Interview_FMC World Record Holder – TCCP#70

This week we take a deep dive into FMC featuring an interview with the current world record holder Sebastiano Tronto.  We discuss getting the WR, how he became a speedcuber, and how to learn FMC.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

WCA Profile – Sebastiano Tronto

Sebastiano Tronto YouTube

Sebastiano FMC Tutorial

FMC YouTube Tutorial – SpeedCubeReview

FMC YouTube Tutorial – Cubeaholic

Clock Magnets – Rubik’s/LingAo

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:45 – Sebastiano Introduction

3:55 – FMC World Record

18:40 – Learning to solve the cube

30:30 – Steps for learning FMC

38:20 – Interview Wrap-up

40:05 – Question of the Month

Question of the Month:

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