Ja Perm, YouCuber Promos, and Listener Feedback – TCCP#69

Informative solo episode this week with your feedback and Cubing News!


Great Podcast

in iTunes by Trenton Nelson from USA on December 29, 2018

I absolutely love this podcast! I enjoy speedcubing and this podcast help me to enjoy it more! I love the consistency and work that is put into this podcast. Keep up the good work!

The best cubing podcast in english

in iTunes by freshcuber.de from Germany on December 13, 2018

I really love Josh’s CornerCutter Podcast and until now I heard more than half of all episodes. It inspired me to start my german Freshcuber Podcast. Keep up the good work, Josh! I get an idea now, how much work it is. 🙂 Thank you so much.

Alg of the Week:

Ja Perm: x R2′ F R F’ R U2′ r’ U r U2′ x’

Question of the Month:

Who is your favorite YouCuber channel?  Answer with an audio message here or attach a mp3 to an email.

YouCuber Promos:

Check out their channels and subscribe!

Spectrix: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGuxPHPKLGr7Bv4nwm8N4SQ
Da1AsianDude: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHV1K9ffQlMKhL1rB7P05Bg
Mia Cubing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvW40W5kWkG1xhiQzADb_EQ
IGCuber: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_XTxemf9mR2yStksBqXzcw

Links – things mentioned in the episode

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Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:35 – Cubing News

9:50 – Shoutouts/Listener Feedback

28:35 – Alg of the Week

30:25 – Updates

33:45 – YouCuber Promos

37:10 – Question of the Month


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