LaZer0MonKey Interview_Phillip Lewicki – TCCP#68

Phillip Lewicki who hosts the YouTube channel LaZer0MonKey comes on the podcast this week to discuss his 3×3 progress, the process of making Nats and Worlds videos, and his WCA results.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

LaZer0MonKey YouTube

LaZer0MonKey Instagram

LaZer0MonKey Twitch

WCA Profile – Phillip Lewicki

Worlds 2017 Video

Max vs. Dream Team Video

Cubing Thoughts Podcast

Clock Magnets – Rubik’s/LingAo

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:45 – Phillip Lewicki Introduction

7:10 – 3×3 Improvement

12:25 – Practice

14:45 – Favorite Video

21:05 – Nats 2019

25:45 – Opinion on Feet

29:00 – Phillips Cubing Podcast

39:10 – Next Episode Topic


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