Cube Setup and Conversation Tips_CuberChats – TCCP#67

I chat with Owen and Cubing Bear in another CuberChats episode! Owen is an expert at setting up cubes and he talks about the steps and lube needed to make a cube amazing. Cubing Bear talks about how to introduce yourself to new people at competitions. He gives tips on conversation starters, talking with celebrities, and making new friends.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

TheCubicle Lubes

Angstrom Special Lubes

Angstrom Water Based Lubes

Lubicle Speedy

World Cube Association

Owen The Cuber YouTube

The Cubing Bear YouTube

Be a Guest Page

Magnets for Clock

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

3:35 – CuberChats Intro

4:40 – Setting Up Cubes Tips and Tricks

30:20 – Talking With People at Competitions

48:45 – TCCP Updates/Next Show


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