Ian Scheffler Interview_Author of Cracking the Cube – TCCP#66

I have a fascinating conversation with Ian Scheffler who wrote the book Cracking the Cube. We discuss the history of the WCA, the creation of the book, and some interesting stories, like what is was like in the green room at Worlds 2013.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

Website – Ian Scheffler

Ian Scheffler YouTube

Ian Scheffler Facebook

Ian Scheffler Instagram

WCA Profile – Ian Scheffler

Cracking the Cube – Amazon

Clock Magnets – Rubik’s/LingAo

Work With Me Page

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:40 – Z3Cubing Introduction

4:30 – Cube on the Cover

12:00 – Creation of the Book

37:20 – Green Room at Worlds

54:20 – NFL Quarterback Story

57:00 – Rubik’s Cube Production Story

1:07:05 – Interview Wrap-up


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