Debate: RedBull World Championships and Best 5×5 Method – TCCP#61

Thank you for all the requests for another debate episode and now this is the second debate ever on the podcast.  The topics are whether the RedBull World Championships are a benefit to the cubing community or if it is hurting the WCA and we also discuss whether Yau5 is a good choice for 5×5 method.


My friend Aidan, and a listener of the podcast, Rustin, join me for this debate.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

RedBull World Championships

World Cube Association

Boston Championships

Feliks – Yau on 5×5

Aidan’s YouTube Channel

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

3:30 – Guest Intro

4:40 – RedBull Championships Debate

22:30 – Best 5×5 Method Debate

32:15 – Episode #62 Topic


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