J Perm Interview_YouTube Cuber Dylan Wang – TCCP#60

How did Dylan grow his J Perm YouTube Channel to over 70,000 subscribers in under 2 years? What part of producing videos is he best at? We discuss all this and much more in this episode of the podcast.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

J Perm YouTube


J Perm Patreon

Wuque vs. Aosu Video

100 Subscriber Giveaway – TCCP YouTube

Podcast Subscribe Page

Clock Magnets – Rubik’s/LingAo

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:15 – 100 Subscriber Giveaway

3:45 – J Perm Introduction

7:50 – Info on Channel

21:55 – Channel Growth

36:00 – Naming the Channel

45:00 – Patreon

1:03:05 – Clock Magnets

1:04:50 – Episode #61 topic


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