Damian Bias Interview_Cubeologist on YouTube – TCCP#57

I have a great discussion with Damian Bias who works at TheCubicle.us.  We talk his tasks at TheCubicle, his favorite Cubeologist videos, how to make good videos, and what it is like being an older cuber.

Links – things mentioned in the episode


TheCubicle.us YouTube

Cubeologist YouTube

Aolong Set-up/Lube Video

Maru Video

Cubicle 100K Subscriber Video

Why We Cube Documentary

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:25 – Damian Introduction

5:05 – Cubicle Job

15:30 – Cubeologist YouTube Channel

27:40 – First encounter with the cube.

30:35 – Being an older cuber

34:50 – 1.21 2×2 WR

36:40 – 100K Subscribe Giveaway

42:10 – Episode #58 topic


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