My Competition Results, Amazing 2×2 WR Average, and Shoutouts – TCCP#29

Although there is no guest this week, I have an awesome episode.  First I talk about my latest competition.  I got a 3.39 Pyraminx average and a 2.96 single.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Maciej Czapiewski – 1.35 2×2 Average

[WR] Kaijun Lin – 3:46.56 5x5BLD Single

[WR] Yu Da-Hyun – 32.03 Megaminx Average


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Huge thanks to Kristen for writing a review in the US store of Apple Podcasts.

She said:

Perfect listening material while cubing

 in iTunes by qwerty26 from USA on February 1, 2018 

The cornercutter podcast is really professionally done and offers a variety of interesting segments. I use the cornercutter podcast to stay current on new puzzle releases and world records, but what I really enjoy are the interviews. The host, Josh (a pyraminx enthusiast) invites a nice range of guests, from well known cubers on the forums to high profile YouTube channel hosts. I enjoy learning about competitions, speed techniques, ways to optimize my cube for better functionality. I definitely recommend this podcast. 


Jack emailed in.  He has a great youtube channel called JCB ShortFilms.

TCCP Updates

I might starting posting episodes on YouTube.

This might be turning into a weekly podcast too!


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